What makes an excellent location independent employee

What Makes an Excellent Location Independent Employee?

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Being location independent means you have the license to work anywhere you want, hence the opportunity to travel while working. Due to the continuous innovation of modern technology, more and more people have started to take advantage of working remotely as an alternative to the traditional office based jobs. Some choose to work from home, while others opt for travel and work lifestyle.

There are a lot of benefits to location independent working, such as a bigger talent pool to search from and cutting costs on office space. That’s why more and more companies are starting to adapt this concept. With the rising numbers of companies embracing the work-life balance concept, more employers are looking for remote workers with excellent qualities.

Aside from your acquired skills set, you also have to possess the following qualities if you’re thinking to start a location independent kind of job. Whether you are your own boss or as an employee, these traits are important to keep up with your chosen career and for potential employers to hire you.

Location independent employee must have self-discipline

Location independent workers can be tempted to leave behind their work and just do other things that they see as more important at the time. One might be caught in the middle of whether to run an errand or do his or her job while some might be enticed to their surroundings while travelling. While you have the license to work anywhere you want, you also have the responsibility to do your job. Self-discipline is very crucial to ensure that you’ll get things done. You must have the will to get up and carry out your work, just as if you had to go into the office

You can work without supervision

There will be no boss or co workers to physically check on you from time to time. You must be able to work independently and with no supervision. You need to know how to do things on your own and must have the strong will for self-management. You must have the eagerness to delve into the work without being managed or guided by anyone. This trait of a location independent employee is what employers are looking for.

You must be results-driven

Say, you were given a task or a project to work on and you have all week to do it. Your boss won’t be looking on the number of hours that you’ve worked on it. He will be looking for results and your achievements. It doesn’t matter if you’re working for 20 hours or 50 hours a week, what matters is how many results you can produce from those hours of working.

You must be reliable and available

What it means to be reliable and available for location independent employee is that, your reporting manager and co workers can count on you. Similar to the office based work, being dependable is a vital trait of a location independent employee. Make sure that your internet connection is stable with sufficient speed to perform your work. You should have all the tools you need when working and you must be reachable by email or phone at all times. If you’re travelling, always inform everyone that you’re working with and let them know your whereabouts. If you anticipate that you will have limited access to internet, it is highly advisable to activate an auto reply email. On your auto reply email, always include the hours when you’ll be available and how fast someone can expect a response from you. This shows that you value the importance of proper communication.

You must meet the deadlines

If you’re on a strict schedule for a project, always do it in advance. If you have the opportunity to do more, try to get as much work done as possible. Always make sure that you don’t leave any urgent work unfinished when you’re travelling to a place with limited or no Internet access. Be aware of deadlines and always prioritize those that need immediate attention. If you need more time, you should ask for extension but give a reasonable time frame of how long you can finish your work. Don’t leave a bad impression to your employers. Learn to manage your time and be creative to accomplish your work and not miss deadlines.

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You must be a team player

Since being location independent comes with self-management, it doesn’t mean a person working remotely is working all by himself. Employers want someone who can also work well with others if their remote workers are spread out across the globe. For this reason, a remote employee must also need to be a great team player. Everyone on the team must work on a mutual goal and know how to work well with others, regardless of the distance.

Great communication skills

Communication while working as a location independent employee is very important. You must have a clear and to the point writing skills. You should know how to express yourself clearly and effectively to your employers and other members of the team. You don’t necessarily need to be super sociable or a perfect speaker, but only someone who can communicate and pass on the message precisely. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you need clarification about a project or task. Give your thoughts on things and always make sure that you understand instructions.

You must have lots of patience

Patience is a virtue and it is something that a location independent worker must possess. One example is there will be no IT guy to look at your computer when something goes wrong. Or you might get caught in a middle of a difficult task and have no one around you to help you out. While you’re good at what you do, the possibilities of encountering problems while working remotely is inevitable. But if you have the willingness to endure the problems that may occur, you can be sure that everything will work out. Having lots of patience will help you reach your goals. Remember that great things come out of patience.

Responsible location independent employee

Any job comes with responsibilities. As a location independent employee, you should know all your responsibilities and you are accountable to complete the tasks you are assigned to do. You are always expected to perform the duties required by your job even if you are away from your office. Just because no one can see if you’re really working or not, doesn’t mean you don’t give your best. Remote work requires self-responsibility, which means a remote employee taking responsibility for his or her own actions outside of normal office based environment. Being responsible at all times is important to establish a positive relationship between the remote worker and employer.

Be ready to go the extra mile

This means you have to make more effort than is expected of you or doing more without being asked. There will be no one to applaud your work if you’re working remotely, but going the extra mile on your remote job may potentially lead to commendations from your employer and maybe even bonuses. But you should also feel comfortable telling your employer if you are overworked, overwhelmed or burned out.

You must know how to take care of yourself

Location independent work is fun, but it can be lonely too because there are no co-workers around you. Talk to people if you need to, have a little chat with your friends or play some music while you’re working. Use your days off work and vacation days, don’t forget to take a break. Take care of your health and remember that a healthy lifestyle, including proper diet and regular exercise will increase your well-being, motivation, and help you manage stress. Following a routine will also help you focus and be more productive. Remember that you are a grown up, responsible adult now and if you drop the ball, you only have yourself to blame. Don’t neglect yourself. Taking extra care of yourself will help you in more ways than one.

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What Makes an Excellent Location Independent Employee?

What Makes an Excellent Location Independent Employee?

While all these qualities are also applicable for office based workers, location independent workers are more likely to break some rules. The freedom to work anywhere can be a good way to a fulfilling work-life balance lifestyle, but it can also be abused by some. It is important to note that being a location independent worker comes with challenges for both the employee and employer. But if the remote workers have strong motivation and self-discipline, location independent workers will definitely be successful. If working remotely works for you and your employer, it could lead to something even better for the organization and a major addition to employee’s happiness.

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