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10+ Best Gifts for Remote Workers Who Travel a Lot

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Working remotely while travelling is something that I started recently and it’s a trend that’s becoming more and more popular. Many companies are allowing remote work now, and it makes a lot of business sense too according to many studies. Remote workers are not only working from home as most of them use their freedom to work anywhere and travel at the same time. As the holiday season is fast approaching, I thought I’d write something here to give ideas for the employers and for our folks out there who are looking for gifts for remote workers, especially to those who travel a lot (and for those who don’t).

Looking for the perfect gifts for remote workers can be challenging, and that task becomes even harder if that person loves travelling. You want to give them something that won’t take up too much space in their luggage – or weigh them down. Most importantly, whether it’s for a birthday, a wedding, or any other occasion, you want to give them something that they’ll actually use! We’ve rounded up some of our favourite finds for the best gifts for remote workers who travel a lot (and also for those who don’t).

Here are our top lists of best gifts for remote workers who travel a lot:

1. Anti-theft Laptop Bag

Laptop is the most important work essential that remote workers carry all the time and keeping it in good condition is the number one priority. To protect the laptop while travelling, from damage and thieves, our best choice for one of the best gifts for remote workers is the Sosoon Business Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack; it also comes with USB Charging Port that makes it very convenient for remote workers who travel a lot.

Product highlights:

  • It has conveniently accessible hidden pockets for valuables. The hidden zipper and invisible pockets located on the back keep the laptop and other valuables safe and handy.
  • You can easily and conveniently charge your phone without opening up the backpack. Just connect your own power bank to the internal cable inside the backpack, and then plug your charging cable into the outside USB port to connect your phone and other electronic device.
  • It is made of water repellent, tear-resistant and anti-scratch 1680D double-pile polyester and 2-way high quality dual-zippers for lasting durability. Shockproof internal padded sleeves have the securing strap for fastening laptop and iPad.
  • The innovative weight balance design makes you feel 20%-25% less weight. Unique shoulder strap decompression design and airflow backing system with extra padding provides maximum back support.
  • Roomy main compartments with padded sleeve for 15.6-inch laptops and several functional pockets allow you to keep all of your gear secure and organized in its place. It has multi-compartment for laptop, notebook, folder, phone and other items. You also can put your train card, sunglasses or pens on the strap for convenience.
  • Bag size is 35.6 x 14.5 x 49.5 cm (LxWxH) and capacity is 32L.

2. Travel Bag

What can be more thoughtful than giving a new travel bag to a person who loves to roam the globe? Every travel enthusiast needs a functional piece of travel bag, whether it’s a backpack or a hardy carry-on case, to store their belongings. It is advisable that a travel bag can fit into tight spaces for rides on smaller aircraft or a travel bag that fits the aircraft overhead bin, like the The North Face Terra Unisex Outdoor Backpack.

Product highlights:

  • It has vertical channel provides improved ventilation
  • Very light, pleasant, with optimal capacity backpack
  • Made of strong and durable material that is nylon and polyester mini-ripstop
  • It has padded shoulder harness that is sleek and anatomical
  • Improved, anatomically correct, load-spreading hip-belt is lined with soft air mesh
  • Improved zippered sleeping-bag compartment access
  • With 7+ pockets to separate things
  • Volume capacity is up to 65 litres

3. Pocket Wi-Fi that Works in Over 130 Countries

What can be more rewarding when travelling while working and always have available internet connection almost everywhere you go? For those who travel while working or what many people call digital nomads, reliable internet service is one of the most vital essentials. This can be very expensive too and trusting the stability of internet connection at hotels, cafes and restaurants is not always the best choice. Fortunately, there is a portable hotspot device called Skyroam which can be given as a perfect gift for remote workers who travels a lot.

Product highlights:

  • Skyroam is one the most convenient way to access WiFi when travelling abroad.
  • Skyroam lets you connect up to 5 devices and enjoy unlimited international WiFi in over 130 countries.
  • This device makes it easier and a lot cheaper for those longer trips where you will be crossing through multiple countries.
  • It is cost effective when travelling through many different countries in a short amount of time.
  • There is no monthly contract – pay for what you use, whenever you want to use it, so you don’t waste money on something that you don’t use.
  • No SIM card needed and you can forget the horror of roaming charges.
  • Skyroam is helpful when your phone is not unlocked so you don’t need to buy a second phone for travelling.
  • The device uses an encrypted connection to keep data safe and secure while using WiFi.
  • This is also helpful for occasional travellers as it will come in handy as a backup internet service when necessary.

Skyroam have given us an exclusive promo code for our readers to get 10% discount. So do not forget to quote “WORKHARDANDWANDER” when you check out!

4. Something to Help Them Secure Their Belongings

A remote worker who travels a lot has quite a few precious possessions he or she just can’t travel without. These are valuables like laptop, passport, and cameras and of course cash and bank cards. While some places are considered safer and more secure than others, a traveller must always be on the lookout for risky situations. So it is ideal to give a remote worker something that helps him/her valuables safe all the time.

What to give?

  • For those who tend to sleep while travelling, you can give a safety lock for their luggage like Pacsafe WrapSafe Adjustable Cable Lock. This works perfectly for backpacks because of its snatch-proof locking systems that locks and anchors the gear to a secure fixture. This is useful while travelling on a long bus ride or other public vehicles, while waiting at the airport or even while eating at a restaurant.
  • You can also give them something to keep their cash and cards somewhere safe, preferably a Money Belt for Travelling. It is a hidden security pouch worn under clothes for cards, cash and passports. Nobody will be able to tell that they are wearing their money belt under their clothes and their valuables will be completely concealed and invisible to thieves. Its front pocket is lined with RFID material which blocks any connection to a contactless charge machine, which can penetrate through the pockets or underclothing without RFID protection.
  • For on-the-go security, ideal for recreation, campus, office, travel or leisure, another good thing to have while travelling is the safe space combination travel lock box with cable. This gift is also best used to temporarily secure small electronic devices, passports, cash, and credit cards.

5. Portable Power Bank

Keeping gadgets charged is very important for someone who travels, and because power outlet is not always available wherever we go, portable power bank always comes handy. A consistently reliable power bank is a must have especially if we own multiple tech items or if we don’t like to stress about low battery, most importantly while travelling, making it one of the perfect gifts for remote workers. Power bank is also useful at home when we don’t want to be connected to a plug point in the wall, or if the power is out due to outage or bad weather.

For high-speed-charging and long-lasting portable power bank, we highly recommend Anker PowerCore 20100.

Product highlights:

  • Anker is America’s Leading USB Charging Brand
  • It provides enough power to keep you going for days without worrying about low battery gadgets. Anker PowerCore 20100’s output of 4.8 amps provides enough power to simultaneously charge any combination of devices at full speed.
  • This power bank has surge protection, short circuit protection and more advanced safety features keep you and your devices safe.

6. Packing Cubes

Packing a suitcase can be challenging for some, but it’s an essential routine of our travel plans. Fortunately, the packing cubes was invented to help keep our belongings neatly stored and conveniently organized. Best of all, the fabric containers protect garments against wrinkles, reducing the need to iron once you arrive at your travel destination. This item makes it to the list of best gifts for remote workers because it’s very useful and inexpensive.

Product highlights:

  • The packing cubes allow for grouping items together in a variety of ways. Pack clothes for each day of your trip into separate cubes, or keep similar items together like sweatshirts in one cube and blue jeans in another.
  • Made of durable yet lightweight nylon fabric with finished interior seams, the high-quality packing cubes offer loads of organized storage without adding significant weight to your bag. Each large packing cube measures 17.5 by 12.75 by 3.25 inches and comes with webbing handle for easy grabbing, carrying separately, or hanging.
  • This packing cubes feature breathable, mesh-top panels that offer not only important ventilation, but also at-a-glance viewing for easily identifying what’s inside.

7. Spill-proof Beverage Container

Most of us like a coffee-to-go on the way to the office, when strolling through the park, or even while on the road travelling to somewhere. If are you looking for a practical yet stylish travel mug as present, the 720°DGREE Travel Mug PleasureToGo is one of ideal gifts for remote workers as it is a perfect companion whether on the go, at home, in the office or outdoors.

Product highlights:

  • 100% BPA-free
  • Leak proof and feather light
  • With 360° drinking opening so you can drink comfortably from any side, featuring a 1-Click lid.
  • It has the coolest KeepDGREE-TECHNOLOGY that keeps beverage hot for five hours or cold for 9 hours.
  • The detachable lid makes it very easy clean.
  • By using this sustainable travel mug, you are actively contributing in helping the environment by reducing the waste production of disposable coffee cups.
  • With 60 days money back guarantee

Here are our top choices of best gifts for remote workers who don’t travel that much:

8. Productivity Apps as Gifts

Aside from errands, chores, and personal responsibilities, unproductive websites and other online activities are also tempting when you’re working without someone looking over your shoulder and telling you to wrap it up and get back to work!. Sometimes, self-discipline isn’t enough because our brains crave the rewards triggered by digital distractions. But thankfully, there is this website blocker called Freedom to reclaim focus and productivity of a remote worker. Freedom app helps protect the time and attention from online distractions of your remote workers. Sign them up and let them experience the zen-like quiet of Freedom time when working.

Product highlights:

  • Freedom website blocker blocks an unlimited number of distracting websites so a remote worker can focus on what matters. Freedom website blocker also lets you block time-wasting phone and desktop apps—from email clients to addicting games. You can even block the entire internet when you need a break or a focus with just a click of a button.
  • Build new, productive habits with its scheduling feature. Sessions start automatically on your devices or schedule recurring sessions (hours/days of week).
  • For the days when your willpower needs an extra boost, enable Locked Mode to prevent you from ending a block session. Keep your focus, your commitment to your goals, and break your most pernicious habits.
  • Whether you use Mac, Windows, iPhone, or iPad, Freedom can sync blocks across all of your devices. Covered devices include Mac OS X 10.8 – 10.13, Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, iOS 9+ (iPad, iPhone).
  • Select sites you want to access and block everything else and check the stats and reports to track your progress.

9. Useful Computer Accessories

Perhaps the person on your list is already quite happy with their laptop or mobile device, however there are plenty of accessories that make for affordable, and dare we say, practical gifts for any type remote workers.

A few things included in our gift list are the following:

  • Logitech Wireless Mouse M185 – A simple, reliable mouse with plug-and-play wireless. With fast data transmission and virtually no delays or dropouts. It comes with 1-year battery life means fewer hassles, too (battery life may vary based on user and computing conditions). The tiny Nano receiver works right away without software installation and is small enough to leave in a USB port.
  • Mpow PC Headset – With the superior 40mm driver and skilled sound processing, Mpow USB headset is capable of delivering crisp, high-definition audio with clear, balanced tone while you are conversing on Skype.The headset is covered in soft protein memory ear pads to ensure comfort during extended talking sessions. USB connection allows you to get plugged in quickly. You may either connect the headset to your computer via the USB port or the 3.5mm audio cable to your mobile phone
  • Portable External Hard Drive – Quickly transfer files with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 and store up to 3 TB of data on Canvio Basics external hard drives. These devices are ready to use with Microsoft Windows and require no software installation, so it couldn’t be easier to start storing all of your favourite files. Whether at your desk, or on the go, its timeless design with the matt finish means it’ll always look good. What’s more, the hard drive also allows you to connect to older hardware, with USB 2.0 compatibility.

10. Gift Cards

Still not sure what to give? Why not give them gift cards so they are free to pick out whatever they want, leaving you stress free from finding something perfect for everyone. Gift cards are one of best gifts for remote workers not just because you don’t need to go through the challenging process of choosing a gift, but because gift cards guarantee that people will love what you give them (by using it for something they like). One gift card that we highly recommend is the eGift Voucher.

Product highlights:

  • It can be emailed or shared via instant messaging.
  • You can send it within minutes or schedule for delivery up to a year in advance.
  • Available in multiple designs and you can choose any denomination up to £1,000.

Gifts for remote workers

No matter what, gifts must come from the heart. Whether you’re an employer or someone with a friend or family member who works remotely and want to show your appreciation. Take a moment and give the people that matter the gifts they deserve.  More than anything send them a personal note and employers should express the specific reasons why you rely on your team members to see you and your company get through each year. In today’s busy world, these little moments of genuine appreciation could make a big difference in employee retention and morale!

Disclaimer: Please note that the views and opinions we expressed on this post are just the views and opinions on the product or service, and any claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service therefore should be verified with the service provider or product manufacturer or party in question.

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