Traveling can be expensive: paying for flights, food, tours, transportation, and accommodation. You have to carefully budget your money so that you do not compromise any of these components. With proper budgeting, you get decent flights, food, tours, and accommodation. Lucky for you, your accommodation does not have to be pricey.

Your accommodation can also potentially take a chunk of your pocket money. Aside from your flights to and from your destination, the next biggest thing you have to plan and consider will be your accommodation. There are plenty of choices for your accommodation, you can stay in hotels, inns, lodges, camping sites, dormitories, or even in hostels all over the world.

Each place has its benefits and downsides. Hotels for one, are glamorous and fully serviced, however can be quite pricey for the young traveler. Dormitories are cheap alternatives, but if you value privacy, these might not be the top choice. All of these come down to the basic – you get a place to stay when you are in another country, or in any other part of the world. One choice you should never miss to consider would be staying at hostels.

Initially, upon hearing the word hostel one might think cheap, dusty bedspaces. However, that does not seem to be the case these days. Hostels provide clean, low-priced, rooms that are often shared with other travelers. Most hostels around the world now also offer free Wi-fi, a big plus for travelers.

If you decide to try out and stay in a hostel, book it with none other than Hostelworld. Hostelworld is an online booking platform with worldwide coverage. If you are trying to save on your trip but do not want to compromise on your accommodation, choose Hostelworld for these reasons:

  • Large and vast network – Hostelworld is the world’s largest network of hostels. It is the largest website for booking hostels and other cheap accommodations. They include more than 30,000 properties in over 150 countries across the world. No other website has this extensive listing of budget accommodations other than Hostelworld.
  • Backed by good reviews – You can be sure that Hostelworld is a safe and reliable site for booking hostels. Positive reviews are given by actual guests who booked and stayed with Hostelworld. The company has an overall positive response with its customers. You can openly read guest reviews on their website. All reviews are left by people who have booked and stayed with the hostels listed on the website, so these are legitimate ones and not paid for reviews.
  • Award winning hostels– Each year, Hostelworld announces its HOSCAR winners – composed of hostel that truly are worthy of recognition around the world. They have a compilation of the best hostels to stay in by city, so choosing one will be easier for you based on their recommendations.
  • They have it all for you – Book everything you need on their website. Although Hostelworld is only responsible for providing you accommodations, they have partner services that offer you airport transfers, car rentals, and paid tours. They are separate entities but can still be booked on the Hostelworld website or app.
  • Book online – Booking things online saves you time, effort, and is much less of a hassle. You can also book through affiliate sites such as travel websites. No need for long queues at physical offices, with a few clicks on your mobile phone or computer, you can secure a place to sleep at your destination.
  • Budget-friendly – Hostelworld provides accommodations that will not place a big hole in your pocket. Most listings are budget friendly, making one’s stay affordable, even for students and young professionals. The cherry on top is that the site does not charge for booking fees, saving you more money.
  • Moderate cancellation policy –Whether it is a delayed or cancelled trip, or a rerouted one, sometimes plans do not fall into place. Not only is your flight affected, but the accommodations you have booked as well. A good thing about booking with Hostelworld is that it allows you to cancel a booking for free if you have booked at least 7 days in advanced. That way, you do not lose any money.
  • 24/7 Customer service – Have any questions for your prospect hostel? Chat or email their customer service representatives at anytime of the day. Aside from their excellent customer service, they also provide it in many different languages.
  • Available in different languages – Powered by Google Translate, the Hostelworld app allows you translate between two languages, so you can better communicate with locals. No more mixing up words that might have way different meanings.
  • Doubles as a travel blog and guide – Hostelworld also helps you tour your way into a new city. They provide not only access to hostels in the world, but give great tips and advice when traveling. These range from places to visit, activities to do, and even tips on how to work and travel at the same time. Their blogs are extensive and cover many things you need to read during your stay in another city or country.
  • Helps you meet and enjoy with other people – One of Hostelworld’s aims is to connect travelers with the community and other free-spirited co-travelers. The Hostelworld app features a notice board, where it notifies you of fun, free, and exciting activities around your neighborhood. City activities will be posted on this board, so you can make the most out of your trip.

Traveling requires careful planning and budgeting. One thing you must never take for granted is booking your accommodations. You can either choose to splurge on a hotel, or you can stay in cheaper, yet equally clean and safe alternatives – hostels.

Hostelworld is an amazing website and app that helps you book a hostel with ease and security. Here, you can find a long list of hostels that not only provide you a bed to sleep in but a community to have fun with. Hostelworld promises value for your money. You do not have to worry about language barriers here, because Hostelworld works in many different languages.

If you want to save up on accommodations, discover a new city, and meet new friends, go meet the world and find your perfect hostel thru Hostelworld.