A great way to discover a place is to visit its attraction and wander around the area. Some of the best parts of any trip is trying out the local cuisine and engaging in the wide variety of activities it has to offer. However, expensive prices and long queues can often discourage travelers from taking part in these exciting activities. In this recommendation page, I would like to discuss how Klook works and how beneficial it is for our travel needs.

Every trip has a budget and our goal is to properly allocate our pocket money while traveling. We often only set aside a certain amount when traveling, and often prefer free tourist attractions and tours rather than paying for a hefty amount. Most of us also dislike standing in long queues while waiting to get served. For these reasons, we often miss out on interesting places and activities in our destination.

Universal Studio, Osaka Japan (We pre-booked out Tickets using Klook App)

Here’s where Klook comes to the rescue. Klook is an online booking platform that offers a simple way to discover activities, attractions and things to do wherever you travel at a discounted price. Wherever you may be in the world, Klook has the best dining, adventure, and activity choices for you. With Klook, all your travel worries will be gone.

Discover and book in-destination services at the best prices. Popular tourist destinations covered by Klook include Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, and Hong Kong. It has a convenient platform that lets you book quickly and easily. With a few taps or clicks, you can be ready to hop aboard the Japan Bullet Train, set your inner child free at Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studio in Osaka, or marvel at the breathtaking world under the waves in Bali. Klook makes it simple for you to enjoy everything a travel destination offers.

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Klook experts all over the world uncover and curate the best experiences every day. There are a lot of activites and attractions provided by this platform. Klook does not only offer tourist destination tickets, but other travel essentials such as a pocket Wi-fi, land and sea transfers, dining experiences, and even SIM cards.

Here’s a list of reasons why you should book with Klook on your next travel:
  • Budget friendly – If you are traveling on a budget, you always want to get the cheapest price possible. Klook offers the best price guarantee. As the official partner of top attractions and operators worldwide, Klook ensures all their offerings deliver quality experiences at the discounted rates. You enjoy discounted rates and still receive the same treatment and inclusions as you would when paying for the full price.
  • Generous promos – Not only does Klook offer some of the lowest prices on activities and transportation, they also offer a lot of promos on their app. Klook analyzes tourist preferences and travel trends so they can give you the most out of your booking. From time to time, watch out for exclusive promos offered by Klook that can get you up to 60% off on available items.
  • User friendly – Klook has user friendly mobile app that makes it easy and convenient for users to book activities. With only a few clicks, you can navigate your way through your choices. The app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS, or you can opt to book using their website. You can easily explore what Klook has to offer, from travel destinations to exciting activities, plus Klook’s own recommendations which are place-specific. You can even make a wishlist of activities you would like to try, so that you do not miss out on anything.
  • Tailored experience – Browse through your option easily by entering your destination, so that search results only show those applicable to your place of destination. They also have their own set of recommended activities as well as popular activities most frequently booked by travelers. Klook allows you to make a wishlist and recommends activities related to the ones you have saved or previously booked.
  • Seamless booking – Klook offers seamless, safe, and convenient booking. Their platform’s intuitive design and strict security measure ensures that every customer has a seamless and secure booking experience. After spending time creating your itinerary of activities, booking will not be a hassle at all. Once you book, you will get instant confirmation, so there is no need to worry that you will be scammed. These booking features make Klook efficient and popular among tourists.
  • Paperless booking – Klook is useful during both the pre-planning stage and to your actual travel. Aside from being very convenient to use, you can keep your tickets or vouchers on your mobile phone, there is no need to print the vouchers. This way, you will not have to worry about losing your paper tickets or cards and most importantly, it’s environment friendly.
  • Various payment options – Online bookings are usually paid through a credit card. However, not everyone will have the luxury of owning one. With Klook, you can also pay through PayPal.
  • Skip the queue – Booking through Klook not only saves you money, but also time. With a Klook voucher, there is no need to fall in line for minutes to hours waiting to get your tickets. Simply show your voucher and you will immediately be accommodated. No more waiting under the sun for long lines!
  • Detailed overview – Details like what to expect, photos, conditions, availability, booking and payment options, exceptions, and other activity information are highlighted with each Klook booking. It even includes tips on how to get to the place and includes frequently asked questions and answers. It provides you a concise overview of what to expect for your booking.  If you are completely new to the destination, no need to fret because Klook almost always has all the answer to your travel questions regarding the attraction.
  • User reviews – Klook has a very strong review system. Each activity is personally reviewed by actual guests who have booked and used their Klook vouchers. With over millions of user reviews, you can always get an authentic look at other customers’ experiences. Almost all of Klook users attest that the vouchers are valid, and they have enjoyed their experience with Klook.
  • Available in many languages – Cannot understand English? That is fine, because Klook has a built-in translator that is powered by Google Translate. This way, you can view offers and activities based on your native language. You do not have to worry about reading foreign languages because they can quickly be translated into English. This is an important feature of Klook, as not all travelers can fully understand English.
  • Several currencies accepted – Klook views prices in the currency you choose. There is no need to calculate or search for the exchange rate, because you can select whatever currency you wish to view and pay with.
  • Features travel inspiration articles – During the planning stage of a trip, you can get destination ideas from Klook. The app and website city suggestions based on the season and ongoing festivals. This way, you can maximize your trip by visiting during the liveliest days on the destination.

With so many activities waiting to be discovered, Klook connects travelers with the experiences they want and need.

Set your inner child free at Universal Studio in Osaka Japan, get your discounted ticket via Klook now!

Here is an exciting deal from Klook. Credits can also be earned by Klook customers for activities they book on Klook.com or via the Klook App. After you collect enough credits, you can use these credits to get a discount on your next booking with Klook. 10 credits = 1 Hong Kong Dollar and the credits value in other currencies is based on the exchange rate at the time of booking.

How do you earn credits using Klook? Here are a few ways:
  • When you complete a Klook activity, you will receive 1%-5% of the activity price in Klook credits. The credits will appear in your Klook account 2 days after you complete the activity. It will automatically be granted to your account. The more activities you purchase through Klook, the more credits you can earn for your next booking or trip.
  • Leave a review after completing any Klook activity. Each review earns you up to 80 credits which will appear in your account immediately. These reviews help other travelers get a feel of how certain activity goes about. It will also give you a chance to share how your experience was with the attraction and with using Klook.
Klook lets you earn credits that you can use to get more discount on your next booking

If you are looking to save on your next activities, tours, and attractions, book with Klook the next time you travel. It doesn’t just let you decide what activities you want to participate in, but also make sure you get the best prices available. Klook gives you a tailored experience based on your destination and based on most frequently booked and reviewed activities and attractions.

With its informative app and website, it leaves you little room for questions regarding your tour, activity, or other item booked using Klook. Enjoy your travel without breaking the bank, so book with Klook when you travel.

Klook’s mission is to “help transform any trip into an inspiring journey of unforgettable moments”. True enough, with their low-priced offers, travelers can make the most of their trip without having to worry about spending their life savings.

Save on your next activities, tours, attractions and more using Klook. Start your search below! 


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