Internet access is now viewed more as a necessity, rather than a luxury by most people. Most people now require high-speed, safe, and reliable internet access for everyday living: be it for work, business, socializing or other reasons. 

But for some reasons, the Internet can be a villain in our lives by blocking access to region-restricted websites, restricting access to certain file-sharing websites and content streaming sites, or simply by snooping on our personal and private data.

To overcome this roadblock, virtual private networks, or VPNs, are frequently employed by people to continue restriction free usage of the Internet.

A virtual private network allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet. Originally created for business, using personal VPNs is a trend that seems to have grown over the years. In a nutshell, VPNs can be used to access region-restricted websites, shield your data and browsing activity from public connections, while remaining anonymous and hiding your true location.

Why would anyone need a VPN? Some of the features provided by VPNs to its users include:
  • Mask your IP address – Getting connected to a VPN conceals your real IP address. The VPN assigns you a new IP address, so that your IP address cannot be tracked easily.
  • Encrypt data transfers – VPNs have the ability ensure secure connections even over public networks. This makes sure important information is not leaked out during the transfer.
  • Mask your location – By masking your IP location, it is not easy to track your actual address. When connected to a VPN, users can choose their country of origin for their connection.
  • Access blocked websites – VPNs can easily go around firewalls built by the government or other agencies, allowing you to access region-specific websites.

There are numerous choices when it comes to VPN providers. Some offer free services while others are paid. The main things that set them apart from each other are on the services they offer, level of security, and other features. Paid VPNs are frequently preferred over free ones, because these paid VPNs have plenty of servers to choose from, proven and tested security, and unmatched speed. One VPN that I am fond of and can attest to is ExpressVPN.

Hide your IP and location

ExpressVPN can hide your IP address and location. There are over 160 VPN server locations across all continents. You can choose any country you want to project as your location. By doing so, you do not get tracked easily.

Great and strong security features

In order to ensure that your data is protected well, ExpressVPN uses a strong 256-bit AES encryption. This ensures that your passwords, emails, data, and other sensitive information are kept safe – even when connected from public Wi-Fi connections in airports and cafes. There is no need to worry about your information getting stolen. This is the highest level of encryption and is currently considered unbreakable, while still offering good performance.

ExpressVPN works great in China

If you are a tourist or businessperson who has travelled to China previously, then you would know how difficult it is to get connected to the Internet. This is because of the government’s aggressive blocking of certain websites. Social media platforms are blocked, email systems are restricted and many other websites are not accessible when in China.

It is a good thing that VPNs have become invaluable tools for people traveling to and staying in China. This allows them to gain access to restricted online content and websites. ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPNs in China and most frequently used by natives and tourists. It has a huge range of server locations, excellent and consistent speeds, allows five simultaneous connections, and offers 24/7 live chat support.

Unblock censored websites

Sometimes, your school, office, country, or even Internet network limits access to certain websites. As a result, you will not be able to open or browse said websites.

Unlike other VPNs, ExpressVPN can easily unblock websites and services like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Gmail. This allows you to continue with your work and browsing.

Find deals and fight ads

It is often said that certain companies charge different prices depending on your location or region. By using ExpressVPN, your IP address as well as location is hidden from websites, making it difficult for them to change prices for items and services based on location.

By hiding your location, ExpressVPN stops websites from displaying targeted advertising by using your location.

ExpressVPN works across multiple devices

ExpressVPN works flawlessly across several devices— may it be a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. This ensures proper services whatever device you are using to connect to the internet.

With ExpressVPN, you can connect to the VPN on up to five devices at the same time. This works best for online workers or businessmen who love to work while traveling.

In addition, ExpressVPN works with any internet connection including wired, Wi-Fi, and even just cellular networks.

User friendly apps

ExpressVPN has dedicated and user-friendly app available for Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and even for routers. These dedicated apps make sure you are able to use and connect the VPN whatever software your device is running on. The updated ExpressVPN app has a new, better design and layout, better interface, and improved connection speeds.

No tech skills required

Using a VPN sounds complicated, but it is actually easier than it seems. To use it, you just sign up, install it on your device, and connect. No complicated settings or steps to follow.

Strict “No Logging” policy

ExpressVPN has a strict “no logging” policy. Simply put, they do not track or store personal data or information when transacting under their VPN. They do not keep any sensitive log files such as IP addresses, fully encrypting these from others. The only data ExpressVPN logs are those that help improve the app, and this information is clearly stated in their privacy policy. These include apps successfully activated, choice of VPN server location, and amount of data transferred.

Excellent speeds – One of the fastest VPNs

One of the most important strengths ExpressVPN has compared to its competition is its reliably fast speeds. Depending on the location, the speeds provided by ExpressVPN are unparalleled by other VPN providers.

Whether you are using near-distance or long-distance servers from your physical location, the speeds provided by ExpressVPN remain fast and stable. There is not much bandwidth difference across servers in different locations.

Additionally, ExpressVPN has a feature called the “recommended server”. This helps you select the faster server available for you based on location and available bandwidth.

Runs in RAM mode

ExpressVPN has recently announced that all of its servers will be run in RAM mode, unlike other VPNs. This means data transferred through the server will be temporary and nothing will be stored on the hard drive.

Since Ram requires power to store data, information across the server is deleted each time it is turned on and off.

This feature aligns with the other promises of ExpressVPN such as the no logs and no data collection features.

Large number servers and privacy features

As of 2019, ExpressVPN has over 3000 servers in more than 90 countries across the world. Among other VPNs, this is a fairly good number and is rivaled only by 2 other big VPNs in terms of volume of servers. With this wide selection of servers, there are plenty of options when you want to change or hide your IP address.

Servers in Europe and North America have the best coverage, but servers in other continents still offer good coverage.

24/7 Live customer support

What I personally love about ExpressVPN is the availability of its 24/7 live customer support. Unlike others who rely on contact forms and emails, ExpressVPN provides its users with a live chat feature that is available all the time to assist you with whatever you need. Prompt, knowledgeable and polite.

Works with Netflix, great for streaming

One advantage ExpressVPN has over other VPN providers it that it continues to work with Netflix and other streaming sites. Netflix has a different set list of movies and shows depending on location and region. Netflix blocked VPN users because they can mask their location and unlock the different features. It provides excellent video streaming quality, no interruptions, and no more blocks.

However, not every server location works. You can always ask ExpressVPN’s customer service representatives to check which servers work with Netflix.

Offers a dedicated router app

ExpressVPN is one of the few VPN services that have a VPN app for routers. Using your VPN on a router is a clever way to have unlimited number of connections on your VPN. This is because your router only counts as one device.

Even so, connecting your device to the VPN-connected router also provides each device the perks of a VPN such as secure data, masked IP address and location, and others. Keep in mind that there are only selected router models that work with the VPN app, so do not expect it to work on all routers.

Worth the price you pay

For a VPN offering plenty of features, it should not come as a shock that ExpressVPN does not come for free. Their plans come in monthly and yearly rates. They charge $12.95 per month, $59.95 for 6 months ($9.99 per month) or as low as $99.95 for a year ($8.32 per month). Watch out for crazy sales on their website and get their premium services for as low as $6.67 per month. Each plan comes with a 30-day money back guarantee in the event that things do not go your way!


ExpressVPN offer great services and a wide array of features for all its customers. This VPN service keeps you fully anonymous, safe, and secure.

They have a large number of servers to choose from, ensuring a stable and reliable connection wherever you are. The speeds are undeniably fast compared to others, and on whichever server you use to connect. You can connect from any device available.

They have an efficient customer service team to cater to your needs and queries 24/7. After reviewing several VPNs and testing them out for myself, I can confidently say that the ExpressVPN app is a fast, secure and efficient VPN provider.