Staying connected to the internet has increasingly become a necessity nowadays. Whether it is to update your feed with photos of your travel, respond to an urgent email from your boss, or to communicate with loved ones back home, a stable internet connection is a must when traveling.

There are several ways for you to get connected to the internet when traveling: using your personal data from your mobile carrier, buying a local SIM card, purchasing international roaming SIM cards, renting out a portable hotspot device, or relying on free public Wi-Fi. Each of these options has their own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Buying local SIM cards for every destination you visit may be pricey as you keep on traveling.
  • Connecting to freeWi-fi puts your data and information at risk for the possibility of being hacked.
  • Using your mobile data from your mobile provider comes at a hefty price too.
  • Plus, you will not be too sure these will keep you connected as long as you would like.

After all thoughtful thinking and consideration, we have come to the decision that hotspot devices emerge as one of the best options out there. Mobile hotspots do not end up racking your phone bills, drain your mobile phone’s battery, provide you with a stable internet connection, and allow you to connect multiple devices without breaking the bank.

The Skyroam is a portable hotspot device that connects you to the internet for 24 hour periods while on availing of their day pass. Here is why you should consider using Skyroam to connect to the internet in your next travel:

  • Easy to use – Skyroam devices are of the plug and play type, simply turn them on and connect using the password shown on the screen. When turned on, connect your phone and you will be directed to the devices start up page. Minimal set-up and settings needed. You can use Skyroam immediately as soon as you land in another country’s airport!
  • Has app support – Not only is Skyroam easy to use, it also has an app that works both on iOS and Android devices. The app allows you to track your connectivity – how long you have connected, amount of data used, number of connected devices and download and upload speeds as well.
  • Fast connectivity –What is the use of being connected to the internet when you can barely send one email or view one picture? Skyroam supports 4G LTE hotspot, providing you with fast, reliable internet, solving all your internet problems.
  • Wide coverage –Skyroam’s connectivity covers more than 100 countries including Europe, the Caribbean, Australia, and many countries in Asia. Many of these are frequently visited countries so coverage will not be a problem with Skyroam. You get internet connection in almost any country you will be.
  • Long battery life –Skyroam devices have atleast 16 hours of battery life on them. That way, you can stay connected the whole day without worrying about getting low battery. Even if it is turned on for 12 hours straight, SKyroam has been found to still have plenty of battery life at the end of the day.
  • Connect multiple devices – When using a Skyroam device, you can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously. This is particularly helpful if you are traveling with other people, or if you are a remote worker and need to connect atleast your phone and laptop. Do expect that speeds will begin to slow as more devices are connected.
  • Secure connection – Can you imagine having your personal information stolen or your files getting hacked? You can always ensure your data and information are safe and secure because Skyroam uses an encrypted connection. Rather than connecting to unsafe public Wi-fi connections, keep your data safe by connecting to your Skyroam device instead.
  • Worth your money – Purchasing the Skyroam device might be a big spend initially, but it will prove to become a good investment as time goes by. After the intial big spend, you will only have to pay a minimum fixed fee for daily subscriptions to Skyroam. No need to pay if you are not using it for the day. The return of investment will be more evident if you are a frequent traveler. It is much cheaper than purchasing several local SIM cards, or renting hotspot devices for each place you visit. Having a Skyroam with you saves you the shock from an excessively huge phone bill.
  • Purchase options – You have 2 ways of using the Skyroam hotspot device. You can both rent the device and pay a daily fee for internet (this works great for shorter trips or if you do not travel often) or buy the device and pay for each day pass (works best for several trips). You do not have to pay for Skyroam on days you do not use it. Another advantage is when renting a Skyroam, there is no contract needed or a minimum amount of time you need to rent it.
  • Unlimited data – For a fixed price, you get unlimited data for 24 hours anywhere in the world. Whereas if you used your mobile data, the charge would be per minute – and you will end up with a whopping phone bill when you get home.

Here are some of Skyroam’s best features:

  • Comes with a powerbank – And if you think the Skyroam does not get any better, it does. Its device life just got extended as it now comes equipped with a 6000mAh powerbank. Not only is it a mobile hotspot, it can also be used as a powerbank for your mobile phone. No need to worry about getting drained while you travel.
  • Consistent speed – Skyroam does not disappoint when it comes to upload and download speed. Although speeds may vary between the city and tree-laden areas, they are still relatively consistent, and fast.
  • Small and compact – The new Skyroam’s amazing features are packed into one solid disk that can easily fit your pocket. It is relatively lightweight and promises not to be additional baggage when you travel. It has no confusing buttons to press or controls to look for; plain and simple as that.
  • Well-built – Skyroam devices come in a beautiful shade of orange (makes it harder for you to lose from your sight). It is made of durable plastic that will withstand months to years of use. It is not waterproof, but can surely withstand a few drops or accidental splashes of water.

Skyroam is a wonderful hotspot device and a great option if you are looking for good internet connection. It can connect multiple devices and has a good battery life which will last you the whole day.

It is a no hassle, no complication device that you can use wherever you travel. If you love to travel but always want to stay connected, renting or purchasing a Skyroam is one of the best solutions out there.

If you are a frequent flyer who cannot leave work behind (or is bringing work while traveling), or a travel blogger who needs to constantly post content and updates on your feed, consider the Skyroam to be your partner in staying connected to the internet.

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