From airfare, accommodations, transportation, and food, traveling can be an expensive hobby. If you love traveling or plan to spend some time doing it in the future, one question to ask yourself would be “Should I purchase travel insurance?” My answer is a big fat YES.

When I was traveling in Thailand, I had a very bad traveler’s diarrhea because of something that I apparently ate. I had to go to a hospital because I really thought I was going to die! I didn’t have travel insurance back then so I was very reluctant to go at first, however my friend insisted because I was in so much pain.

Well, obviously I ended up paying a quite hefty bill for only 3 hours of emergency treatment. Luckily, I recovered after 2 days of rest and medication. But that incident made me realized how important it is to have travel insurance, as you’ll never know when unfortunate event will occur while you’re traveling.

Here are some of my photos while I was being treated at Piyavate Hospital in Bangkok.

Initially you might think purchasing travel insurance will be of little value for you:

  • You have your itinerary and everything is set into place. Traveling is fun until you start getting cancelled flights, losing your baggage, losing your valuable items, or getting sick during your trip.
  • Without travel insurance, you will be paying a hefty sum for these unforeseeable circumstances, just like what happened to me in Bangkok.
  • You might think you cannot afford to purchase travel insurance but the reality is you cannot afford emergency problems during a trip.

Travel insurance gives you a form of assurance that no matter what happens during your trip, like getting hospitalized, canceled flight and losing your possessions, you are in safe hands.

While there are plenty of insurance companies out there, with each one offering a slightly different package from another, we have already picked out the best one to save you the hassle of researching. In this page, we give you our thoughts on one of the most popular travel insurance providers that we and many other travelers trust: World Nomads.

Since I was hospitalized in Bangkok, I always make sure that I am fully covered by travel insurance whenever I travel. And because World Nomads allows you to purchase their insurance plan even if you have already left home or even when already traveling which is super awesome, I got myself one as I was traveling around Indochina for a month at that time.

Why We Choose World Nomads?

World Nomads is a travel insurance company based in Australia. It was started by a fellow traveler who wanted to provide nothing but safety and freedom to travelers. They cover travelers from more than 150 countries worldwide. We give you a quick overview of the kind of insurance plans World Nomads offers, its coverage, pricing, and other helpful information.

  • Flexible travel insurance plans – World Nomads basically offers 2 different kinds of insurance plans, namely: the Standard plan and the Explorer plan.  The Standard plan is the cheaper one between the two, and yet still provides sufficient coverage for the average traveler. If you plan on traveling longer, or plan to insure more items and activities, avail of the Explorer plan instead. Whether you are traveling alone, for work, with family, for a few days or how long as you would like, World Nomads can arrange for you the insurance plan best suited for your wants.
  • Wide coverage – Depending on the plan you avail, it would typically cover for cancelled flights, cancelled accommodation, delayed or lost baggage and other items, medical expenses, stolen passports and credit cards, and even travel accidents and assault. With the Explorer plan, you can cover you outdoor activities and adventure sports too. Not many insurance providers cover these, so if you are an adrenaline junkie, consult with a World Nomads representative to correctly choose the insurance best for your adventurer needs.
  • Ease of purchase – Once you are convinced World Nomads is the best travel insurance out there, purchasing from them is easy as pie. You can simply head on to their website and purchase online. Another great feature is that you can purchase this even if you have already left home or even when already traveling.
  • Value for money – World Nomads offer competitive insurance prices in the market. Their insurance plans cover for what is necessary and what is needed, and not on useless things. No matter what happens, you know that your trip will be insured and nothing will be put to waste no matter the circumstances.
  • Excellent customer service – World Nomads is dedicated to providing its users the assurance and peace of traveling. They promise exceptional customer service that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. If you have any questions about your insurance plan or anything, do not hesitate to drop them a message or give them a call.
  • Great service over-all – World Nomads is available 24/7, and offers fast service too. They have plenty of communication lines so reaching them will not be difficult. They deliver what they promise.
  • Travel insurance of choice – Because it has provided excellent travel insurance service for several years now, World Nomads is a default and preferred travel insurance provider among major tour and travel companies like Lonely Planet and TourRadar.
  • Worldwide community – World Nomads has resources on their website to help you learn more about your chosen destination as well as flying tips and tricks. Their website and social media pages also constantly update on the current weather condition or other problems you may encounter when traveling. They also feature this service Ask-A-Nomad, where you can participate and ask questions in chat groups or forums with other members.
Travel with no worries knowing that World Nomads Travel Insurance got you covered.
Travel with no worries knowing that World Nomads Travel Insurance got you covered.
(Wat Pho
, Bangkok Thailand)

If you still are not convinced for the reasons listed above, here are more things you should know why you should definitely buy that insurance plan from World Nomads:

  • Great reviews – World Nomads is backed by a global community of backpackers and assistance partners alike, and they too have nothing but mostly good words and praises for World Nomads. Over-all, they provide excellent service and stay true to what they claim they can provide.
  • Highly recommended – It is recommended not just by travel guide book publishers (Lonely Planet), but even by National Geographic. These are big names you can surely trust when it comes to traveling.
  • No hassle claiming process – The process of filing a claim from World Nomads (in the event that something does happen), is relatively easy. All you have to do is simply fill out the online form and prepare your documents for reimbursement. As long as all your documents and proof are complete, claiming a reimbursement from World Nomads is an easy feat to go through. This way, your unforeseen events during the trip are well-compensated and reimbursed quickly.
  • There is always room for extra – Unlike other providers, World Nomads allows to purchase extra coverage, while you are traveling or when you plan to extend your travel. That way, the rest of your trip remains insured. Other companies are stricter with things like these and may force you to purchase a separate insurance for the added coverage.
  • The company gives back – For every purchase from World Nomads, you are given the option to donate a small amount, which will go to its charitable activities that aim to improve lives and poverty-stricken communities worldwide. These include providing basic education to little children, and helping people gain access to clean water in rural areas. This way, you not only insure your travel, but insure children’s bright futures as well.
Travel with no worries knowing that World Nomads Travel Insurance got you covered.
Travel with no worries knowing that World Nomads Travel Insurance got you covered.
(Angkor Wat, Siem Reap Cambodia)

It is also good to note that travel insurance isn’t designed to cover everything. Be sure to spend some time reading your full policy wording to avoid surprises. Each insurance provider will present with a different pricing and payment scheme, as well as different inclusions.

Here are the main things that aren’t covered by World Nomads:

  • Fraudulent acts – During your processing of a claim, if evidence has been found that you have foresight that your plan will be cancelled (flights, accommodation), then World Nomads might not reimburse you for fraudulent acts.
  • Going against travel warnings – If you travel to another place with existing warnings or issues of potential threats such as impending natural disasters or disease outbreaks, your chances of being reimbursed for anything that happens on your trip is slim.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions – Unless your policy availed says otherwise, pre-existing conditions are not covered. World Nomads offers travel insurance in general, and not a full health insurance.
  • Non-emergency medical problems – Routine medical check-ups, cosmetic procedures, or getting your contacts and eyeglasses replaced are not covered by World Nomads. Unless deemed life-saving, they are not generally covered in policies.
  • Negligence on your end – Items left unsupervised in a public place and gear damaged while in use.
Travel with no worries knowing that World Nomads Travel Insurance got you covered.
Travel with no worries knowing that World Nomads Travel Insurance got you covered.
(Great Wall of China)

Final Thoughts

World Nomads was born out of a traveler’s mind, so this company knows what its customers need and want. It is the perfect insurance provider for travelers and covers all your travel essentials.

Aside from its preexisting plans, World Nomads gives you the flexibility to add options to your insurance plan, and have it tailored and suited to your travel needs and activities. It has one of the most competitive prices in the market and puts your safety and protection first. World Nomads is not the cheapest out in the market, but it gives you great coverage for its price.

If you are looking for an insurance plan provider, we highly recommend World Nomads to be on top of your priority list. Protect yourself and get a quote from World Nomads below.